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€ 6,45Prijs
  • Deze prachtige scrunchie is gemaakt door AMMA Sri Lanka. AMMA betekent 'mama' in het Tamil en Singalees. Dit zijn twee talen die worden gesproken in Sri Lanka. AMMA Sri Lanka biedt moeders trainingen en werkgelegenheid aan door middel van duurzame banen in de textielindustrie.


    Deze scrunchies zijn gemaakt van handgeweven katoen en gekleurd met natuurlijke kleuring. Ze zijn geschikt voor volwassenen en kinderen vanaf ± 8 jaar.


    De scrunchies zijn ongeveer 11 cm in diameter.


    Bij AMMA Sri Lanka ligt de focus op de volgende technieken (Engels):


    • Plant Dyes: We use a combination of food waste, foraged and medicinal plants to dye our yarns and fabrics. All done in house by our master dyers.
    • Natural Fibers: Fibre is something we care passionately about especially how it influences the outcome of our natural colour palette.
    • Zero Waste Pattern Cutting: We don’t want to add to the huge textile waste problem which is why we incorporate zero-waste pattern cutting practices into all that we do.
    • Hand Weaving: We have restored three traditional handlooms that have a weaving width of 130 cm and have 30 years of expertise in the industry.
    • Machine Sewing: Our sewing area is complete with industrial machines, cutting and pressing facilities. With skilled seamstresses who have previous garment factory experience.
    • Hand Embroidery: Using only AMMA plant dyed yarns, hand embroidery is our embellishment of choice utilizing the already existing skills learnt by women when they are at school.


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